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CaliClay Basalt Natural Clay Surface

With 40 years of expertise in sports surfacing, CaliClay is an advancement in natural clay surface technology, combining specially mined Basalt from a dedicated mine and extensive analytical research on traditional natural clay court characteristics. 

Court speed, ball bounce, player slide, and appearance have all been carefully analyzed in development to perfect the NextGen natural clay surface for the sport. Players will find the soft surface to be enjoyable even with extended playtime.


CaliClay natural clay requires minimal maintenance and watering compared to traditional clay. Our special construction system offers Hard-to-Clay court conversion or a complete ground-up construction seamless.

CaliClay Court Locations:

  • RafaNadal Tennis Academy Cancun, Mexico

  • Barnes Tennis Center San Diego, CA

  • Manhattan Country Club

  • St. Regis Bahia Bay Beach Resort Puerto Rico

  • Raleigh Racquet Club Raleigh, North Carolina

  • The Greens Country Club Oklahoma

  • MaravillaLos Cabos Mexico

  • Yucatan Country Club Mexico

  • Malibu Racquet Club

  • Amagansett, NY

  • KahnsResidence Hamptons, NY

  • Private Residence Quoge, NY

  • Private Residence Denver, Colorado

  • Private Residence Ojai, CA

  • Private Residence Austin, Texas

Benefits Of Playing on CaliClay Court:


of clay is required for each court


less watering is needed compare to traditional clay court


of less maintenance compare to traditional clay court 

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